About me

I am an illustrator and fine artist from Belgrade, Serbia.Prints of my art can be found at: 

I love reading, playing and painting fantasy, science fiction and history. The journey has started with The Hobbit and Star Wars and simple paper and crayons at the age of 6, and is going ever onward with creating board game or book illustrations for various companies around the world. I love painting epic and expressive characters and shining knights or nuanced villains.

My list of clients includes HarperCollins, Brotherwise Games, Battlefront Miniatures, Gale Force Nine, Renegade Game Studios/Paradox Interactive, Paizo Publishing, Monte Cook Games, Onyx Path Publishing, Alcyon Creative and many others.

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My original paintings and drawings can be found in collections in Serbia, USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Croatia, Italy and France.

Prints of my art can be found at: